Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just an update

Haven't blogged since the August competition so I just an update for the last 2 months.

I have started working Tobys Estate Roastery in Chippendale, just as a part time at the moment. Quite a lot of fun being surrounded by coffee beans all day. Looking,Inhaling and of course tasting. All Tobys coffees are roasted for espresso, but having no proper espresso machines in the Roastery we are make to use plunger and Siphon coffee with fairly dark roasted coffee, works for some but not most. But anyway, it's all good fun.

I did the NSW cup tasting Competition and came away 3rd, nothing to shout about but not bad considering I was competing with professional roasters who's been in the industry for a while. I will keep on competing next year and hopefully I will be more complete next year, fingers crossed!

I did a temporary barista position for Blue Duck Cafe in St. Leonards, was just filling it for their full time barista who was on holiday for 2 weeks. They were using Jack Hanna's coffee so I also had the pleasure to meet Jack, saw his latte art work which was quite amazing.

I think overall my palate is now more developed now compare to say the same time last year, so hopefully this will play into my advantage when tasting coffees, Just ordered a big bunch of coffees from Ministry Grounds which included 2 lots of Cup of Excellence coffee, 1 from El Salvador and another from Colombia. So when that arrives I will fire up the little roaster and start tasting some delicious coffee... more Blog then.

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