Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bought myself a Mazzer Kony Conical Grinder.. OH YEAH!

After a furious bidding war, I have finally bought myself a Mazzer Kony Conical grinder off Ebay, it's slightly used but according to the seller still in great condition, RRP for one of this baby is almost $2000 so that was a great bargain. Hopefully my shot will improve with the Kony over my other trusty grinder... the Rancilio Rocky, it's been serving me for almost 3 years and has been faultless since, but it's time to upgrade as the Rocky is slowly becoming the weakest link.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New BNZ Conical grinder at Work (Tobys Estate Fox Studio)

Today we received a new BNZ Conical grinder and retired the old Flat burr BNZ grinder. What a difference it made to the shot, super syrupy espresso and crema, shots flow stays very consistent through out the pour, and no danger of burning the coffee like the old flat burr (where we use to switch it on for 3-4 hours non stop because of the speed). Very exciting indeed.

First Post... How Exciting!

This is my first post for my new Blog which is dedicated to all things related to Coffees. Anything from Plantation to Green Beans to Coffee making techniques. Everyone is welcome to contribute and share their coffee experiences. The Coffee industry is constantly changing, and no one can say they know everything that needs to be known, so there's always things we can pick up along the way.

Below is a video of a naked Espresso pull I did on my Giotto Premium a couple of days a go, it didn't look too bad and it certainly tasted nice. I think it was a Colombian Volcan Galeras Single Origin.